What happens when a group of busty Chics, pimped out by their mystical magical warlock leader, rapes the wrong man and a load of vengeance is heaped down upon them for such a dastardly deed' You must watch this unflinching tale of sheer degradation and buffoonery to find out. In the tradition of "I Spit On Your Grave" comes this rousing over the top send up of all things 70's exploitation!
An amusing, extraordinarily insightful conversation between client and service provider takes place in admittedly a most unlikely location; a location where what one would expect turns out to be quite the opposite than the anticipated. The unlikely location is Tiffany's fantasy dungeon, where anything is possible. The result... A challenge to the nature of existence and the essence of love.
Four girls find themselves in a reform school run by an evil woman that joins forces with her demented scientist brother, who tries to turn hot rocker guys into lobotomized sex slaves for his porn side-business. The evil plan backfires and the rocker guys turn into flesh-eating zombies and terrorize the town. It's up to the girls to clean up the mess and restore peace before it's too late!
A comedic Sci-Fi/Horror film set in San Antonio, inspired by classic B-movies. A group of friends prepare to go to a dance. During the dance, a strange alien substance is introduced and infects several people turning them into alien zombies. Unsurprisingly, all hell breaks loose! Lowriders must survive the vicious attack of these alien zombies using their only resources: their pimped-out cars!
Harry Penderecki, a once heralded horror auteur, finds himself on the outside looking in at Hollywood. He hasn't had a hit film in years, and most in the industry, including his close friends, think he's washed up. Harry is given one last chance to redeem himself with what could be his best or last picture.
A small town video game store clerk must go from zero to hero after accidentally unleashing the forces of evil from a cursed Colecovision© video game cartridge.
Two hilarious friends and hustlers had a dream that they were pilots taking passengers to their destination. How will they fly and how will they land the plane?
Cesar is an aspiring rock star. But for now, he works in a pencil eraser factory. He falls in love with the owner's daughter, and to win he bets his father that he can win $100,000 in six months.
The lives of several dissimilar inhabitants of a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city during two hot and hellish Christmas days and the spiral of violence that, irrepressibly and irrepressibly, will be generated between all of them.
After serving a three-year prison sentence, Rolando Di Caprio tries to get back into the Italian society, but because of the label of ex-convict and the work crisis, he is forced to accept an easy and shady job.
After Maddie breaks up with her cheating fiancé, she looks up her childhood crush, Bobby. She finds out he is now successful, and, engaged. Determined to rekindle the old flame and hide the fact that her life is in shambles, Maddie announces that she's getting married too! Now Bobby and his fiancé want to help her plan her non-existent wedding. How can Maddie get out of this sticky situation'?
"Damn you, Roland Ruby!" is a semi-autobiographical multimedia epic based on a day in the life of Hoboken musician Roland Ruby, who contemplates love and loyalty in a tale that weaves NYC/NJ mob bosses, show biz and a Faustian deal.
A drug-dealer, on the run from the law and his partners-in-crime after a deal that goes wrong, ends up injured and crashes his car into a wooded area. It is there that he is nursed back to health by two religious, fanatical women who mistake him for Jesus Christ. He uses this as a means of survival.
A group of students at a liberal arts college in Minneapolis is faced with expulsion if their final papers in philosophy class are not satisfactory. As a result, the inept group of friends decides to experiment with a series of illicit drugs, in an effort to expand their cognitive horizons and help them better understand some of the mind-bending concepts of the course.
Former child star Gloria Green (Heather McComb) not only has to save her career, but her own life when she gets kidnapped after an audition along with an obsessed fan.
Athena Cockburn suffers from heavy migraines and lost her vim and vigor. Her boyfriend, Jacob York, has enough of the stagnating sex life with her and comes up with the brilliant idea to trick her into taking a fake pill to treat her migraines.
A comedy about a passionate filmmaker who spends his fiance's wedding money on his film.
Sheena, now a world-renowned professional wrestler has come back home for their high school reunion. To win back over her heart, Corey plans a retirement match for Sheena but what Corey never envisioned is that talent scouts want to offer Sheena a five-year wrestling contract in Japan. The event intended to rekindle Sheena's love now threatens to take her away from him forever.
Meet Chloe and Owen: best buds since their sandbox days. Now, in med school trying to balance their studies, his job, her band, their parents, their friends (their sanity), they find little time for relationships...but lots of time for desire. One fateful day, a brave Owen proposes the "perfect" solution: Friends (read: no messy relationship stuff)...with benefits (read: insanely messy sex stuff).
The evil T.H.E.Y. organization is out to stop ex T.H.E.M. agent, Sandra West. Can Superseven thwart Their, (T.H.E.Y.'s) master plan?
Come in. Have a drink. DIE. When Bobby accidentally kills his wife before a get together at their home, he stops at nothing to hide the evidence from the arriving guests, even if it means murder.
There's a mysterious VHS tape that dwells in the comic book shop of Deathbone, the eccentric barbarian shop owner. In 25 years, nobody has ever forked over the cash to buy it... until now. Two nerds, Max and Papillion, fight to claim the tape as their own from the clutches of Tangerine, a dorky but super hot girl who swooped in and bought the tape before they could.
Three L.A. based rappers from yester-year decide to reclaim their hip hop glory days as they find themselves in a race to get their hands on the secret songs written by the late Tupac Shakur.

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