In 1985, an ancient evil began slaughtering the high school senior class in alphabetical order - but it was stopped. Two years later it has resurfaced, and a trio of friends must join together against the demonic force that is claiming new young lives. But what they discover is more complicated and evil than any of them imagined.
A huge mutant Sasquatch falls in love with a young female camper.
For film geek Shaun Costello, The House On Cuckoo Lane, is an obsession. He has recurring nightmares about the tape and its horrific contents despite never having laid eyes on it. His obsession forces him to scour the video underground in search of this forbidden video. But Shaun will soon discover that the thrill of the hunt is often greater than the reward.
When the bodies of beach-goers begin washing ashore during the grand opening of a new resort, the town Mayor (Mel Novak, Game of Death) attempts to cover it up with dire results.
An eccentric collector of rare movies shot on Super-8 dies and his library is sold off. Film Fanatic Marty Weeks successfully bids on several reels of film and rushes home to watch them. The projector clatters to life as we witness the celluloid horror of maniacal cults, scarecrow vengeance, and even an Aqua-Maniac!
Four friends must fight for their lives when the everyone in their hometown is turned into bloodthirsty maniacs, only to find themselves escaping to a post apocalyptic wasteland as a virus slowly engulfs the world.
Shot on location in Florida surf and Rome swimming pools, Director Joe D'Amato combines '80s teen movie cliches and Native American mysticism with stupefying dialogue, over-the-top performances and shark footage that Bruno Mattei would later swipe for CRUEL JAWS to create what Oh, The Horror! calls "a weird, demented experience that begs to be discovered and embraced."
After moving into a new home, a family discovers the house is occupied by a bloodthirsty monster that lives in the walls and pipes, dragging in all who get too close. Now trapped inside, the family must do whatever they can to survive as the murderous beast lures in new victims.
A beautiful young woman, Lucy, has a passionate and bloody affair with Count Dracula. Many years later, as she recovers from a strange amnesia, she begins to realize her true identity as a creature who is thirsty of blood. Occult expert Van Helsing tries to save Lucy from the clutches of the vampire, but will her dark dream of living eternally with Dracula come true'.
Larry Barnes is on the fast track to a partnership in a prestigious law firm, and his sexy witch wife Erica (Julie Strain) will do anything to keep her husband happy. But Erica makes a fatal mistake when she tries to kill Larry's main competition for the partnership, Howard Reynolds. With Howard now crippled for life from Erica's dark magic, his wife Amelia (Linda Blair) plots her revenge.
Mexican Cartels have found a new way to make drugs more addictive, by adding a satanic curse. Now this new drug possessed by an evil demon has hit the streets and will turn every new user into a flesh eating, bloody thirsty zombie. It's up to a Catholic priest to send this possessed narcotic back to hell!
A beautiful young woman is subjected to a grueling night of terror - all accomplished in one take on one night, as she investigates paranormal reports at an abandoned mental asylum, where she is very much not alone.
The dark past of Weeping Willow makes it ideal for a depraved cult that has seemingly sprung from nowhere. They inadvertently open a portal into a dimension comprised of pure evil. Now a young girl has been abducted by the cult, and her desperate parents enlist the help of a seasoned band of occult warriors to rescue her and smash the Cult of the Shadow People.
Young Patricia witnessed her family being destroyed by Count Dracula. Turned into a vampire herself, she sets on a path of revenge, to send him back to hell, and to save her own soul. Her journey takes her through a wicked land filled with werewolves, dark history, black magic, ghouls, and devilry - to the mouth of Hell itself.
This film is an exploitation journey through the mind, on route to a lesson in the macabre. Horror has many forms, many shapes, and many hiding places. As three brothers of different backgrounds, of different frames of mind grow apart, their fears grow rabid and real! Will the terror ever, ever stop! An early motion picture, shot on film, from the Polonia Brothers!
When two brothers are forced to stay the night in a small town one of them goes missing. In his search for his brother he finds that the townspeople have been infected by toxic waste that turned them into bloodthirsty vampires.
A witch who's burned at the stake curses the small village of Skinner's Grove. Several centuries later a paranormal investigator discovers a nest of werewolves in the town who are the hell spawn of the witch's curse. A local militia and a young couple find themselves stranded in the area in the wake of their car breaking down also run afoul of the werewolves.
Phil agrees to look after his dying Vietnam vet buddy by taking care of his motorcycle only to run into some trouble with both the law and other bikers.
Taylor Bloom returns home to find his father has been murdered by the mob and they have stolen his experiments, the ultimate soldiers made from reanimated corpses. With the soldiers now being used as mafia hit-men, Taylor and his fathers lab assistant hatch a plan for revenge, but first they must create an army of the dead.
A Mexican Spanish language urban erotica tale. Tired of living together and in an attempt to spice up their relationship, a couple of vampires invite a younger couple to spend a night with them, generating conflicts between couples.
The concept was unprecedented: Enlist 7 of horror's most transgressive filmmakers - Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, splatter FX legend Tom Savini and Richard Stanley - and give them total creative freedom to create their own short films inspired by the Grand Guignol. The result has been called "one of the best horror anthologies of all time" (Paste).
Clay is a killer. He walks the streets, picking his victims by fate. Behind his madness lies Sam, his father, a man who unknowingly raised a serial killer by filling his child's head with years upon years of evil stories, lies, bitterness, abuse and fear. Now Clay has grown up, and his father's vicious rule over him is headed to a certain end as tragedies converge into a violent and brutal climax.
A gruesome group of scary stories designed to erode your sanity and perception of evil. Brought to you by a creepy cabal of underground horror directors and talent from around the globe. Who dares venture deep into the diabolical and demonic world of Dark Tales?
A group of friends escape to Canada to avoid being drafted to fight in World War 3. While in hiding and locked down in a friends' home, a ruthless masked killer named Neo begins to stalk and murder them one by one. Now the group must learn to trust each other and fight back against this mysterious threat in order to survive the night.

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