Zombies are one of the most popular antagonists of all time - but what are they and who created them?
The making of a cult classic. A documentary on the filming and release of the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre featuring Tobe Hooper, Marilyn Burns, Gunnar Hansen and more.
In the world of sports few names are as synonymous with the game that they played as Kobe Bryant and basketball. Simply put, he was one of the greatest of all time and his life and his legacy will be celebrated for lifetimes to come. This new documentary examines basketball…
The cassette tape, as we know it, was originally released in 1968, it was the perfect combination of versatility, high quality & small size.
What is the riddle of the sphinx' This ancient monument has been lying in the Egyptian desert for thousands of years. Take a look into the mysteries of one of the oldest monuments on earth! Great Mysteries of The Sphinx is a new and breathtaking documentary presenting new and unfounded evidence of the mysterious events surrounding the building of this great structure.
The game is afoot! Learn the history and the personality of not only one of the world's greatest detectives, but quite arguably the greatest fictitious character ever created... Sherlock Holmes: Unravel The Mystery is a new documentary holding up a magnifying glass to Sherlock and author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's incredible journey.
An up-close, gritty examination of the perils of life in South Central Los Angeles. This action-drama follows the life of a 17-year-old member of the Bloods and the constant struggle to survive the violence riddled streets.

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