For film geek Shaun Costello, The House On Cuckoo Lane, is an obsession. He has recurring nightmares about the tape and its horrific contents despite never having laid eyes on it. His obsession forces him to scour the video underground in search of this forbidden video. But Shaun will soon discover that the thrill of the hunt is often greater than the reward.
Five young Americans on a trip to Asia are disturbed by a meat market where a sinister character is butchering a dog. Later in a bar, they encounter a local (Kevan Ohtsji) to show them around. After upsetting a local Triad boss, they decide to enter into an adult theater. The butcher from the market is the star performer, carving up fresh meat for the gang boss who watches via live-feed.
Cesar is an aspiring rock star. But for now, he works in a pencil eraser factory. He falls in love with the owner's daughter, and to win he bets his father that he can win $100,000 in six months.
"Mr. Malevolent" (Danny Trejo) hijacks two millennials' computers and forces them to watch videos that reveal the consequences of various immoral crimes. Like "Tales from the Crypt" and "Tales From the Hood", "American Nightmares" is a star-studded, over-the-top horror experience that teaches you a lesson that you will soon not forget!
Tenants of a poverty-row building, 1 day from demolition, find themselves under siege by a cannibal cult and their preacher leader known as "The Woman". With all connections to the outside world severed, they can only try and holdout before being hunted down... and consumed. Then hope arrives in the form of a 2nd woman... but does this "Girl" have her own agenda with the cult... and "The Woman"'
There's a mysterious VHS tape that dwells in the comic book shop of Deathbone, the eccentric barbarian shop owner. In 25 years, nobody has ever forked over the cash to buy it... until now. Two nerds, Max and Papillion, fight to claim the tape as their own from the clutches of Tangerine, a dorky but super hot girl who swooped in and bought the tape before they could.
Dallas returns home after years away to try to reconnect with his ex Denise. Cat steals her boss Ray Ray's stash of "Purple Neon" and goes to meet Denise at her boss's office. Ray Ray and Tyrone follow her there, looking for his drugs while a demonic cult is operating out of the basement trying to raise demons by using the drug to bridge the gap between the land of the living and Hell.
Another camp classic saved from the grave! From now defunct Market Square productions comes this tale of a security guard at a horror convention who gets more than he bargained for as three luscious scream queens strip before his eyes. As he falls asleep, his dreams come true as he becomes part of their sexual games. Stars Jasmine St. James (featured in Penthouse & Hustler).
In this sequel to the smash hit short, the crazed serial killer returns and is relentless in his pursuit of the innocent Joey with 2 times the action, 2 times the gore, 2 times the body count, and 2 times the fun! It's the sequel in which you will keep asking yourself, "Why'"

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