Phil agrees to look after his dying Vietnam vet buddy by taking care of his motorcycle only to run into some trouble with both the law and other bikers.
Teenagers Reg, Skip, Julie and Pam go out for an afternoon of water skiing on a nice day. They come ashore on an island that is being used as a testing center for a scientist and agents from "an eastern power." They seek to turn the people of the United States into easily controlled zombie like creatures.
In 1970s London a werewolf searches for a cure, only to find Dr Jekyll, who's "cure" just happens to bring out the addition of the "Mr Hyde" in him.
Travis McGee sees a woman thrown in the water with weights attached and dives in to save her. He learns she's involved in a prostitution and murder ring and takes action to take down the murderous ring of thugs.
Los Angeles architect Paul (Cameron Mitchell) arrives in the small town of Chlorine, Ariz., at the same time as a motorcycle gang led by his high school acquaintance, J.J. Weston (Bruce Dern). Paul wants to talk marriage with his unwilling pregnant girlfriend, Karen (Diane Ladd), but the gang captures them on their way to the beach. Feeling bad for his old friend, J.J. arranges a drag race competition for the bikers to win Karen as a prize, giving Paul time to escape and return with help.
A masked wrestler/superhero goes up against a madman and his army of robots.
An inbred family is visited in their rural mansion by greedy distant relatives intent on taking the family home and inheritance.
When two spaceships travel to a mysterious planet they suddenly go berserk and attack each other. Another ship discovers this and upon further investigation learn of the existence of aliens that are seeking a way off from their dying planet.
A serial killer is on the loose and he's gathering body parts to perform rituals to bring an Egyptian goddess back to life.
Twisted Italian horror meets lurid German krimi in the 1961 EuroShocker fIlled with "genuinely eerie scenes and rather graphic maulings", now restored like you've never seen or heard it before: When an all-girl reform school is rocked by a series of grisly murders, it will unleash a nightmare of sexual corruption and lupine depravity.
A rebellious punk of the beat generation spends his days as an amateur dirt track driver in between partying and troublemaking. He eventually kidnaps his buddy's girlfriend, kills a few police officers, and finally sees his own life end in tragedy.
A scientist develop an amplifier which enables a person to enter a 4th dimensional, allowing him to pass through any object. Scott experiments on himself and discovers that each time he passes through something, he ages. He begins killing people, sucking out their life energies and regaining his youth as a result. It falls to Scott's girlfriend, to try to put a stop to his murderous rampage.
When a space flight from Venus crash lands in Sicily they lose their cargo of reptilian eggs. When an egg hatches to reveal a fast growing monster it threatens the entire city of Rome.
When a smuggler (Rock Hudson) takes to the high seas in the historical era of Napoleon's threatened invasion of England, he meets a beautiful mystery woman (Yvonne De Carlo) and is induced to sail her to the French coast, unaware that she is actually a spy...but for which side'
Cabaret star Zazu Clairon (Josephine Baker) intervenes when young lovers are sundered by their parents' feud.

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