Revenge Of The Samurai Cop

A cop comes out of hiding to avenge the death of his wife and must take on a banished warlord who may be his wife’s killer.

Dark Vale

While exploring the ancient ruins of a church outside London, a young couple is stalked and haunted by the vengeful spirit of Lady Lucy, who was murdered at the vale over a century ago on her wedding day.

American Sasquatch

A group of paranormal investigators in the UK come face to face with the American legend Bigfoot and must fight for their lives while trying to capture proof of the creature’s existence.

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“Soviet Zombie Invasion” sees a group of young adults who head outside of Moscow’s city centre to explore the dilapidated remains of the city’s industrial complex, only to discover the dead, rotting secrets hidden within the walls… and they soon find themselves the victims of their own terrifying discoveries!
Ice T hosts a one-of-a-kind event toasting the men who define the “Game” in America today. Learn how the legendary rapper got his start in the streets before going prime-time on TV’s Law & Order, and meet the men who came up alongside him. Featuring Bishop Don Magic Juan, Coco, and all new interviews with Flavor Flav, Omar Gooding, American Pimp’s Kenny Red, and many more. The red hot soundtrack includes music from James Brown, Ice T, Too Short, Ray J, Nappy Roots, and more. From Yale to jail, all the Players get their shakes in this amazing documentary. Celebrity interviews hosted by cover model Serria Tawan.
In this sequel to the smash hit short, the crazed serial killer returns and is relentless in his pursuit of the innocent Joey with 2 times the action, 2 times the gore, 2 times the body count, and 2 times the fun! It’s the sequel in which you will keep asking yourself, “Why'”
Traceless follows the path of a Terez, who was abandoned by his mother, that was chasing the dream of becoming a professional dancer. Raised by a single father, he must fight his own demons and the scars left by the longing for the love and affection of his mother. One day he decides that he is going to take that affection at any cost, which leaves everyone around him in a fatal whirlwind.
On a Macao beach, kids discover the severed hands of a fresh victim. A squadron of cops investigate, and suspicion falls on Wong Chi Hang, the new owner of Eight Immortals Restaurant. The hands belong to the missing mother of the restaurant’s former owner; he and his family have disappeared; The police arrest Wong and try to torture him into a confession.
A found-footage surreal horror opus.Thomas Laboss, the host of Hard Streets UK, hits the road interviewing families and different culture across the UK, uncovering the truth and being his usual exploitative self… But there’s something a bit more sinister about this new family, and he may not get out of this one alive.
Two youth counselors bring a group of emotionally troubled teens deep into the woods for a weekend of solitude and confrontational therapy. The trip turns deadly when they are terrorized by a cannibalistic hermit with a thirst for blood.
This concert features two slammin Bizzy Bone sets! The first of which comes from his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio at Peabodies on May 11, 2005. The second is from Pueblo, CO at the Pueblo Convention Center on April 8, 2005.
The way we spend money has been changed forever thanks to the introduction of cryptocurrency. Now, Facebook has arrived just in time to change all of the rules again – The future of money is at hand and all we have to do is “Like” it.
Writer/director Álex de la Iglesia delivers the smash hit that remains one of the best horror comedies of our time: When a rogue priest discovers the exact date The Antichrist will be born, he’ll enlist a Death Metal record store clerk and a cheesy TV psychic for an urban spree of “gore, sacrilege and twisted humor” (San Francisco Examiner) to prevent the Apocalypse by summoning Satan himself.
Mary Blackwell travels to her hometown of Maiden Hollow to clear out her deceased father’s house. The villagers arehostile towards the new family, while local priest Michael Howdy takes an unhealthy interest in Mary’s daughter Alice. This sparks a series of surreal fantasies in the priest, confusing Alice with his dead wife; the images invading his mind and bringing his sanity to a breaking point!
Forget everything you have ever seen as the modern masterpiece from director Alejandro Jodorowsky returns like never before. Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra and Guy Stockwell star in this epic odyssey of ecstasy and anguish, belief and blasphemy, beauty and madness, now featuring a new scan from the original negative supervised by the director himself.

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The Video Game Years are here! The show that examines the history, culture, and oddities of video game history will have you learning, laughing, and scratching your head as it examines what has transpired in gaming’s past! This is the height of video game history with the 1980s! It includes topics such as Atari, Nintendo, Pac-Man, Mario, arcade games, and the infamous Video Game Crash of 1983!
2018 – 2018

Grind The Series

Newest Episode: 4
Criminals, addicts, drugs and crime all packed in this acclaimed urban drama.

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A group of female car thieves go on a shopping spree, stealing exotic cars all over L.A. Miguel A. Nunez Jr. (Juwanna Mann, Scooby Doo, Kickin’ It Old Skool, Flip the Script) stars as the volatile and dangerous gangsta leader. When he sends the girls to car-jack a Hollywood album release party being thrown by a hot rap group, they don’t realize that the group’s master tapes are in the trunk of one of the stolen cars. The rappers must get them back or their careers go up in smoke, so they decide to take the law into their own hands. But one member gets sidetracked and falls for one of the sexy thieves. Will love get in the way of revenge?
Ever since Detective Warbeck crossed paths with a vengeful Voodoo Queen, he’s become a half-man, half zombie – cursed to a nocturnal rampage of unholy CANNIBAL TERROR! Only one woman can stop him – a crusading vigilante who wants to put the brakes on Warbeck’s blood-smeared FLESH FEAST! But who can stop a man cursed with the supernatural power of voodoo’ Especially when that man is a CANNIBAL COP.
A motley group of addicts attend a rehabilitation program at an isolated farm to get sun, relax and consume the drugs and alcohol they smuggled in. Unfortunately and unbeknownst to them, the farm is infested with zombies and these aren’t your usual slow moving, lumbering zombies. These blood suckers run fast!
A group of paranormal investigators in the UK come face to face with the American legend Bigfoot and must fight for their lives while trying to capture proof of the creature’s existence.