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A trio of country singers becomes stranded at a haunted mansion and gets mixed up with spies.
The concept was unprecedented: Enlist 7 of horror’s most transgressive filmmakers – Douglas Buck, Buddy Giovinazzo, David Gregory, Karim Hussain, Jeremy Kasten, splatter FX legend Tom Savini and Richard Stanley – and give them total creative freedom to create their own short films inspired by the Grand Guignol. The result has been called “one of the best horror anthologies of all time” (Paste).
While exploring the ancient ruins of a church outside London, a young couple is stalked and haunted by the vengeful spirit of Lady Lucy, who was murdered at the vale over a century ago on her wedding day.
In this sequel to the smash hit short, the crazed serial killer returns and is relentless in his pursuit of the innocent Joey with 2 times the action, 2 times the gore, 2 times the body count, and 2 times the fun! It’s the sequel in which you will keep asking yourself, “Why'”
Coyote is a feature film shot in the desert bordering Arizona and Mexico. After their Mexican friend gets deported, two young Americans decide to begin smuggling illegal immigrants into Arizona for profit. Once they create the plan, it is clear that the path to freedom is going to be filled with danger.
A sickly Count Dracula requires pure virgin blood in order to survive and travels to Italy in search of devote Catholic virgins. He mistakenly drinks the blood of impure women and is on the verge of death. He finds a plain girl and drinks her blood to regain his strength only for her to turn into a vampire herself and bring trouble for himself.
Los Angeles architect Paul (Cameron Mitchell) arrives in the small town of Chlorine, Ariz., at the same time as a motorcycle gang led by his high school acquaintance, J.J. Weston (Bruce Dern). Paul wants to talk marriage with his unwilling pregnant girlfriend, Karen (Diane Ladd), but the gang captures them on their way to the beach. Feeling bad for his old friend, J.J. arranges a drag race competition for the bikers to win Karen as a prize, giving Paul time to escape and return with help.
An inbred family is visited in their rural mansion by greedy distant relatives intent on taking the family home and inheritance.
In an age devoid of memory and truth, a man, guided by intuitions and dreams, goes off in search of the meaning of life and existence. Revelations and symbols arise on his path, through which he comes to encounter his soulmate in the BLUE DESERT. With plot points based on Yoko Ono’s first art book, this modernist Brazilian sci-fi offers a dreamy take on new age spirituality and the physical realm.
Two graffiti artists break into an abandoned, reportedly haunted research facility in hopes of creating an art installation, but stumble upon a secret team of demented researchers who are in the process of resurrecting an ancient sea creature – who they now must fight in order to escape alive.
Meet Chloe and Owen: best buds since their sandbox days. Now, in med school trying to balance their studies, his job, her band, their parents, their friends (their sanity), they find little time for relationships…but lots of time for desire. One fateful day, a brave Owen proposes the “perfect” solution: Friends (read: no messy relationship stuff)…with benefits (read: insanely messy sex stuff).
A group of friends escape to Canada to avoid being drafted to fight in World War 3. While in hiding and locked down in a friends’ home, a ruthless masked killer named Neo begins to stalk and murder them one by one. Now the group must learn to trust each other and fight back against this mysterious threat in order to survive the night.

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The Video Game Years are here! The show that examines the history, culture, and oddities of video game history will have you learning, laughing, and scratching your head as it examines what has transpired in gaming’s past! This is the height of video game history with the 1980s! It includes topics such as Atari, Nintendo, Pac-Man, Mario, arcade games, and the infamous Video Game Crash of 1983!
2018 – 2018

Grind The Series

Newest Episode: 4
Criminals, addicts, drugs and crime all packed in this acclaimed urban drama.
2019 – 2019


Newest Episode: Episode 10
American politics have become a hotbed for conspiratorial behavior, sparking interest even beyond our own borders. Although many are under the belief that this is a relatively new phenomenon, with the rise of fake news conspiracies, the twenty-first century has in fact only built upon and evolved from the political beliefs and fears of early Americans, for better or worse.
A failed DJ. A wanna-be gangster. A lesbian daredevil. A hippy cello player. And one bad-ass cockroach. Welcome to Orlando’s Joint. All Orlando Reed wants is to slack off and stay high, but his plans get derailed when he unexpectedly inherits the coffee shop where he works. As the stoner tries to supervise, Orlando gets plenty of foul-mouthed advice from Bumpie the roach (think Redd Foxx meets Jiminy Cricket). When the regulars include a zealous preacher, a bean-pie pushing afrocentrist and a Shakespeare-quoting crackhead can Orlando and his crazy homies keep the Coffee Joint afloat? Hilarious and irreverent, sometimes political and always street-savvy, Orlando’s Joint is open for business!